Sister Najma’s story to Islam

Before I came to Islam I would personally call myself a rebel, because I hated religion and I didn’t understand the point in it. I one day asked a Muslim that went to the same uni as me why she wore the headscarf, she told me that it was part of her religion and that Islam teaches women to respect and guard their beauty and that only Muslim women can show their hair to their Husbands, Brothers, Fathers, grandfathers and women. This struck my heart, as I felt like asking more questions as I was getting more curious about Islam. I became more friendly with her and late we became good friends, we would always have a conversation about Islam and I would ask her all types of questions about Islam and she would always answer. Some time passed and she asked me if I wanted to become a Muslim and I said to her I’d think about it, and as I was driving home I was pondering on about Islam and that should I make a change from the old person to the new me. as I got in my house I texted her saying that I gave it thought and that I want to become a Muslim. she replied back to me telling me to meet her at her house, so I drove to her house and together we went to the local Mosque and that’s where I took my Shahada and I then got given a Quran and some information leaflets on Islam and they gave me the Phone number of the Masjid so if I needed anything I can call the Mosque. I then met some other women at the Masjid who just Converted to Islam, and we took down each others phone numbers, and after that  day I became closer to Allah and i wanted to make changes in my life. this is my story to Islam 🙂


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